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The Current phase section in the app provides you with a clear overview of your current cycle phase and the corresponding workouts tailored to that phase.  

Here, you can see your cycle chart with a highlighted current phase, its name and day interval. 


Different colours indicate energy and hormone levels, and you see on the graph how they change during a particular phase. 

You can switch the phases overview by tapping one of the side arrows: 


A little below is the Hormones & energy tab. Tap the "i" letter and get to know more about the hormones and their impact on your energy level and activity: 


You can also hide this tab: 


Below the chart, there is your Fitness plan for the highlighted phase. Here, your workout schedule for the week ahead is placed: 

IMAGE 2023-12-18 21:09:50.jpg

You can also switch to the Meal plan here and see your menu for the week: 

IMAGE 2023-12-18 21:12:49.jpg

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