How do hormones affect the effectiveness of my workouts?

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Let's delve into the impact of hormones on your training journey:

  • Progesterone
    This hormonal player can bring on feelings of fatigue during your luteal phase, but guess what? It can also be your cardio ally! Progesterone steps up by enhancing your lung capacity and oxygen uptake, giving you that extra boost during your cardio sessions. 

  • Estrogen
    When you engage in your exercises, estrogen steps up to lend a hand in sculpting your muscles and enhancing your strength. But that's not all - this hormone doesn't stop at just building the foundation. It goes a step further and collaborates with your energy levels to propel you through each exercise routine.

  • Testosterone
    Ladies, don't be surprised! Testosterone isn't just for the guys. This hormone is your partner in muscle growth and strength. Excessive levels of testosterone can lead to changes in menstrual cycles. 

The harmony of these hormones is your superpower. HARNA's tailored workouts work in tandem with your hormonal fluctuations, harnessing their benefits and crafting your training regimen accordingly. 

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