I am entering menopause period, but the app asks my cycle information

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Entering menopause marks a significant transition for many women, where the usual rhythms of the menstrual cycle begin to change. While HARNA is known for its menstrual cycle-aligned workout plans, we understand that menopause presents a unique phase that deserves attention too.

We're excited to announce that in the coming months, we're developing a new feature that will cater to women in menopause or those without a regular cycle. This functionality will provide personalized fitness plans that go beyond the cycle, taking into account the body's evolving needs.

Our mission remains steadfast – to empower women with workouts that align with their bodies, whether they're experiencing the shifts of the menstrual cycle or embracing the transformative phase of menopause. Stay tuned for this upcoming development as HARNA continues to support your wellness journey in every stage. 

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