How do I share my feedback about using the app?

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At HARNA, we value your opinion! Our app features a dedicated feedback form designed to help us understand your experience better. 

The form will appear when you finish your workout: 

2024-02-20 18.20.22.jpg

Or you can open it from the workout card by pressing the "!" icon in the top right corner: 

Screenshot at Feb 20 18-40-38.png Screenshot at Feb 20 18-40-51.png

You can also open the form from the meal card in your meal plan: 

IMAGE 2024-03-19 13:17:13.jpg IMAGE 2024-03-19 13:17:27.jpg

The feedback form is your platform to share thoughts, suggestions, or issues regarding workouts or meal plans. Your input helps us enhance your fitness journey and build a more robust and personalized experience. 

❗️It's important to note that this form is solely for providing feedback. While your opinions on improving workouts or meal plans are welcomed, this form isn't intended for account-related inquiries or subscription cancellations and will not be treated as a request. 

If you need help with your account, want to cancel your subscription, or have other specific questions, please read this article on how to contact us. 

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