Can I drink coffee?

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There are two types of people:

  • those with a fast metabolism of caffeine;
  • with a normal/slow metabolism.

This is genetically determined.

Those with a fast metabolism of caffeine feel the effect of coffee intensely; they can even feel anxiety and sleep disturbances from an extra cup.

People with a normal/slow caffeine metabolism can drink 3-5 espressos and still sleep well.

In general, coffee is a healthy drink and a powerful antioxidant, so coffee lovers should not give it up (if it makes them feel good, which means they have normal or slow caffeine metabolism).

And another question that often interests everyone is: whether coffee has diuretic properties and can remove water from the body.

In fact, after just a few days of regular coffee consumption, the body adapts, and the diuretic properties of coffee no longer appear. But still, if you drink drinks with a high concentration of caffeine for a small amount of liquid (espresso or double espresso), then it is better to drink an extra glass of water.

Here are little tips from us for drinking coffee:

  • remember that you can drink no more than 2 cups daily;
  • you can add up to 20 grams of cream or up to 50 grams of milk to your coffee. You don't need to add them as additional calories to your meal plan;
  • we don't recommend adding any sugar. You can substitute it with sugar substitutes, e.g., stevia. 
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