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At HARNA, our meal plans are meticulously designed to offer more than just nutrition. Embracing a holistic approach, we aim to ensure your well-being by preventing bloating and that heavy feeling in your body. Today’s meals are curated to deliver the perfect blend of lightness and vitality.

You can find your scheduled meals in the Today's section. 

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The Meal plan for the day is split by meal (breakfast, 1st snack, lunch, 2nd snack, dinner). By tapping one of the dishes in your Meal plan, you can see a detailed Meal Card which has information about the dish: 

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The information includes:

  • approximate time of cooking;
  • amount of calories;
  • macronutrients;
  • essential ingredients;
  • ingredients to taste;
  • steps of cooking and a detailed description of each of them.

You can find the Shopping list right under your meal plan: 

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Read about using the Shopping list in this article

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