What is the best time to do the workouts?

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Physical training is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but the best time to exercise can vary from person to person. While some people feel more energized in the morning, others prefer to work out in the evening. Each organism reacts differently to load at different times of the day. It's crucial to find a training time that suits your personal preference and schedule. 

Several studies suggest that the evening (around 6:00 p.m.) is ideal for muscle gain, as the body's natural rhythm and hormone levels are better suited for building muscle mass. On the other hand, for fat burning, the morning is considered the most effective time (ideally on an empty stomach, but here too, you should be guided by the feelings in the body).

To determine your optimal training time, it's recommended to experiment with different times and observe how your body reacts. Through such an "experiment", you'll know what your most productive time is. 

However, it's essential to listen to your body's signals and adjust your training routine accordingly to achieve the best results.

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