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Our fitness plan is thoughtfully designed to encompass all aspects of your well-being, providing a holistic approach to women's fitness. Here's what the plan includes: 

  • Personalized workout routines
    Your HARNA plan is tailored to your goal, fitness level, and menstrual cycle phase. Whether you want to lose weight, stay fit or build muscles, our workouts are customized to meet your specific needs.

  • Cycle-synced activity
    Understanding the impact of hormones on your body, HARNA synchronizes your workouts with your menstrual cycle. Some activities will help you relieve the pain during low-energy days, and others will boost your results during high-energy days. 

  • Periods phase calendar 
    The HARNA Phase calendar outlines the different menstrual phases of your cycle, tracking hormone patterns and describing their impact on your energy level and exercise efficiency. 

With HARNA, you have the support and tools to embark on a fitness journey that celebrates the power and uniqueness of your body. 

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