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To fully meet your fitness needs, you can purchase extra features.

At the moment, we offer: 

  1. Meal Plan

    Unlock access to a personalized meal plan created by a professional nutritionist to reach your goal faster. From macronutrient ratios to portion sizes, this plan is designed to fuel your body optimally and boost your metabolism. 
  2. Restorative Workouts (Body & Soul Plan) 

    Incorporate restorative workouts (yoga, barre and pilates) into your routine to promote recovery, mobility, and overall well-being. This workout plan will help you improve flexibility, find balance and strengthen the core. 
  3. Bundle (Meal Plan + Body & Soul Plan) 

    Embrace the convenience of a bundled package that includes both the Meal plan and Restorative Workouts. This comprehensive approach addresses both nutrition and balance, ensuring that you perform at your best. 

This premium access will support your fitness journey by giving you the tools necessary to achieve long-lasting results. 

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